Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Austin's Birth Story

11 weeks postpartum. 11 weeks of our new life as a family of four. 11 weeks late for this post.

It is said that once you have children you truly know the meaning of the saying "time flies", oh man whoever said that was pure genius! As I sit here with both babies napping (no I'm not entirely sure how I got this to happen) I have been itching to write again! So here it is...

January 25th.

We woke up early this Sunday morning and laid in bed tickling and laughing with our only child. Taking in every moment and talking about how strange it was that tomorrow morning we would be going to the hospital for our scheduled induction. Our last day as a family of three.

Most of the day we just relaxed at home. Towards the afternoon I started to feel some contractions, not regular but quite more uncomfortable than I have had before. That night was going to be Elora's first over-night at Josh's parents house. So we headed over to have dinner with them. The car ride over I noticed the contractions getting more persistent. So I began timing them. About every 10-15 minutes. By the time we finished with dinner I was really uncomfortable and the contractions were even more frequent. So we said our goodbyes, kissed Elora, only got a little emotional, and headed out. The car ride home showed me just how frequent and bad the contractions were. Josh asked if I should call my Doctor and I said no, we were just going to go into Labor and Delivery, I was not going to wait to call and hear back from my Doctor.

After going home to grab our stuff, we headed to the hospital. 9pm. The lady that signed us in just so happened to be working on my paperwork for the induction. They told us we would be in Room 9. This was pretty great, because I had been to the hospital so much in the last three months that I had been in every room, multiple times, except for this mysterious Room 9. "Holy cow, it's like a suite!" The nurse nurse laughed at my reaction. So we got settled and they checked me. Still only at 1.5cm but the contractions were strong. I had two of my favorite nurses with me that night. They explained if I did not progress on my own they would start the pitocin at 4am.

So now we wait. I was too uncomfortable to just lay down so we began walking the hallway. We both laughed saying it was like a scene from a movie. The pregnant wife waddling down the hallway, in those ugly hospital socks and gown, stopping every couple feet to moan against the wall. Luckily it was the middle of the night, so we had the hall all to ourselves. After that we went back to our room where my nurses, knowing me so well, brought an assortment of snacks. A sandwich, rice crispy treat, and of course my go to drink, sprite and cranberry juice, and a few other goodies piled in.

After awhile the pain was getting much worse, so they checked me again, I was progressing great on my own! No pitocin needed! So they started the IV, and by started I mean poked me a million times until finally getting on to work. The first nurse tried a few times, the next nurse a few more times, then another nurse had my arm all twisted to get the IV in the back of my arm. By this time I was crying, between the contractions and the frustration of being poked with a needle I had enough. Then another nurse came in to tell us that the blood they collect on my first poke coagulated so they couldn't use it and need to draw more. 9 total marks in my arm before I was finally done. Josh had been holding my hand the entire time and was trying to keep cool but he had been extremely upset it took so many times and seeing me in pain was getting to him.

After that ordeal I was able to get an epidural. This time around was a lot harder! With Elora I never felt the contractions because I went for one pain medication to the epidural. This time I, like most women, was having to stay still while this giant needle went into my back during these horrible contractions. I remember just crying saying "here comes another ooonnnneeee". Awe the joys.

Epidural working. Which meant no pain, but a lot of shivering and itching! They wanted me to try and sleep a little (this was around 4am) before I had to start pushing. They checked me again and realized baby was face up and they wanted to get him to turn, so they gave me this giant peanut ball to lay with between my legs. Ya, sleep was not going to happen. I was shaking, and my feet kept itching and I could not scratch with the ball in the way so I needed Josh to scratch my feet every few minutes.

After an hour of that, they came to check on me again. As the nurse checked on me she was just staring, and said there was a little blood and she needed a second opinion. So another nurse came in, a few whispers later, then a doctor comes in. I had no idea what was going on and Josh was being pretty quiet. I didn't find out until later that I was loosing a lot of blood.

Shortly after that, Josh's family arrives with Elora, gives hugs and goes to wait in the waiting area, which happens to be a few seats in the hallway directly outside of my room. Then the room was being set up for delivery and my Doctor comes in, all smiles, and says "It's a great day to have a baby!"

I had a few sets of pushes out of the way when my normally very calm Doctor, looks nervous, tells me I have to give it my all and she needs the vacuum. This made us very nervous because Elora had need the vacuum and that caused her to have a cut on her head and be in the NICU. Our biggest prayer this whole time was that our son would not have to be in the NICU. Josh then whispered in my ear, "Ash, you got to do this, you have to push hard and get him out." Then my Doctor said those fateful words, "Ok, he is coming and I will put him on you just to clean him up and then he will be rushed to the NICU." My heart sank. One last push and he was out. They took him to to the monitors in the same room to check all his vitals. I just stared at him and Josh and wept. I couldn't believe it was happening again.

Within minutes, he perked right up and they nurses said he was doing great and didn't need to leave us. The relief washed over us and I began crying even harder thanking God. I finally got to hold my little man. And it was the best. Josh later told me that I had been loosing even more blood and baby's heart rate dropped to 20 and that was the cause of the scare.

 Austin Allen Bacon 5lbs 15oz 18.5in 7:34am

Shortly after that we got wheeled down to the Mother Baby Unit, baby in my arms. Which is a feeling I wont ever take for granted since last time I was alone. 

So there we were with our baby in our room, and we were so happy to share him with our family! 

This pregnancy was a tough ride, but I would do it all over again for this little person I call 'son'.

We are blessed beyond belief, and we are loved beyond words.