Thursday, August 13, 2015

"One of Those Days" a Painting with Bob Ross

As a mom, specially of multiples, I feel we have all been there. I'm not talking about one of those bad days, just one of those days.

I'm going full on Bob Ross here, and paint you a picture of my morning.

Set up that easel and put up your best blank canvas. Now take a fine tip brush, and break that in half. Open at least two full paint bottles, why not make it six, and just throw them at your canvas. Now you have it, a beautiful mommy moment.

Last night started with being projectile thrown up one twice, which sadly my first thought was I was so happy I just took off my good bra, wouldn't want to have to wash that twice in the same week and not have it available to wear tomorrow. Then I cleaned up just enough to spend the next 30 minutes rocking my poor Austin, now 6 months, to sleep. I honestly have no idea how he fell to sleep with the smell of acidic milk all over mommy, but I got him to bed and showered, barely making it out before he woke up again. But hey, that makes it two days in a row of showering! (Queue in applause)

Fast forward to this morning. Austin hasn't kept much down and mommy has been thrown up on a couple time since showering. I'm sitting with Austin on my lap, while I watch Elora, my beautiful spit and vinegar 2.5 year old, on her hands and knees eating popcorn off the floor that had been there since last night. I guess I don't have to make breakfast. Least I managed to clip her hair out of her face beforehand so she can clearly see what she is eating, I wouldn't want her to get a stray piece of cookie from last night in her breakfast. I mean seriously, cookie for breakfast, what do you think I am, a bad mom?

The painting continues, now amongst the the spilled popcorn on the ground is a couple random towels covering the spots of throw up I haven't been able to clean yet. Near the front door is half of my clean laundry folded and the other half in a pile on the floor, also from last night. This could be the reason I hid when I saw my neighbor come to the door, that or the fact I have no makeup covering what looks like Rudolf has traded me for my nose. At this point Elora is wearing nothing but a pumpkin bib that is for a newborn, I am wearing my husband's Corona shirt, and sick Austin is the only one who looks somewhat put together, besides the patch of hard hair on the back of his head that somehow got puked on.

Austin throws up again. Elora yells "spit up!" and tries to copy him by spitting on him, to which I told her was not ok. So now I'm being growled at.

As I think of Austin's nap in the near future, I'm stuck with deciding which I want more, a shower or coffee. Let's face it though, I showered two days in a row, if I showered again I would really be out doing myself and I wouldn't want my husband to think I have completely lost it.

So, which creamer do I choose?

With that I want to wish you Happy Painting my Friends. Thank you for joining me in my morning adventures.