Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby #2 is a....

We are over the moon excited to be expecting another baby and that our oldest baby is going to be a big sister! I still don't believe it sometimes!

So what color could that flower she is holding be? And why a flower? Well, we are excited for her just as much as we are for us! Elora is currently obsessed with flowers, and has this goofy sniffing face every time she sees one, so why not incorporate it! (Shout out to Jessica for the cutest idea ever!) She was so excited to have her own very pretty flower and it was so fun taking picture of her with it, smelling it, looking at it, and of course eating it. 

Monday September 15th, a date we had been looking forward to. We would finally be able to call our baby a he or a she. I could finally be able to say my feelings were right, or Josh could say I was wrong and he was right. What could happen! Whatever would happen would change our lives for the better. Our prayers were simple, that our baby was healthy. 

So being that we were already anxious we decided to not have a cute little gender reveal like we did with Elora, and have it be more personal, with just Josh and I finding out right then and there as we got to look at baby and hear its heartbeat. 

So... what did we find out.... 






A baby BOY! A whole new experience! Good thing we wanted to know because the moment the ultrasound tech put the thing on my stomach the first imagine that popped up was of him showing off that he, was in fact, a baby boy! We are excited for the new experience and look forward to Elora having a baby brother and all their adventures together! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Am I Really Pregnant?

Well not only did this pregnancy start out different than our first, it has only continued to be a complete 180 from the first pregnancy. With Elora I knew right away, I was constantly sick, and overall had a rough go at pregnancy. This time it has been so easy! In fact, if it wasn't for the growing belly, I might still not know I am pregnant! Crazy how that works out. 

This pregnancy, like our first, has been a complete blessing, but in a different way. I am thankful, like most moms would be, that the second one has been easier, since I still have a toddler to chase after and can't just sleep the day away if I'm not feeling up to it. Yes I have had some symptoms here and there. There was a week where heat would make me queasy. I couldn't open the drying after it had been running without feeling a little sick. But that came and went. And I feel much more tired this time around, but that could also do with having a toddler. 


I am just over 17 weeks now and have noticed that I feel more uncomfortable a lot sooner than I did with Elora. Not to mention this baby is so much lower than I carried with Elora, so even leaning a little bit down feels like I'm crushing baby. I have felt many little flutters here and there over the past few weeks, but the past couple days has been non stop, and I am enjoying every single little movement! I think you truly forget the magic of those little movements. I have a feeling this little baby will have some great kicks for me coming very soon, and I look forward to each and every one! 

Yes, we will be finding out the sex, very soon! As much as I think it would be fun to leave it a surprise, I know Josh wouldn't be able to wait, which makes it that much harder. So why not! Of course we will love baby either way! My theory is boy, only because of the difference in pregnancies, and Josh is determined it is a girl. So we will see!