Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Here We Go... Again!

Well most everyone knows now, it is out in the open, and we couldn't be happier. Yes this Bacon family is expecting Baby #2!

On June 2nd I had Josh's Mom watch Elora while I went to my Doctor. She had asked why I was going in and I said "Regular appointment, don't worry I am for sure not pregnant." While I was in my appointment my Dr and I talked about when we would like to start a family and how we should wait about 7 months before thinking of using fertility treatments again. They ran a pregnancy test just in case, but I again told them I was pretty dang positive I was not pregnant. The appointment was over and I began to walk out of the office when the nurse grabbed me and asked me to return to the room, that my Dr had a couple more things to talk to me about. I STILL did not think it was possible. My Dr returned and said, well Ashley we don't have to worry about fertility this time around, you are pregnant! I was jaw dropped. Stunned. I could not believe it. My theory, I knew right away I was pregnant with Elora, even before a test would show up, so if I got pregnant again, I would most certainly know. Well I was wrong.

They had me go across the hall to get my blood work done right after my appointment. As I was there the shock really set in. The lady doing my blood work said she felt like I was going through 5 stages of shock because I walked in pale as can be, then I was shaking, then I started crying and laughing, and then started freaking out because I had to tell my husband first, but I was for sure going to see my Mom in Law before. I had to lie to her, and I wasn't sure I could.

I barely remember the drive home because my thoughts were running like crazy. As soon as I walked inside Mom knew something was up, maybe it was because the color from my already pale face was completely gone. She asked how it went I blurted out, "I'm pregnant!" She screamed. Now to tell Josh. I ran to the store to get a "Big Sister" shirt for Elora and had her in it when he got home. He played with her for about 45 minutes before I finally asked if he liked her new shirt. He looked at it, looked at me, read it again, and smiled asking if it was real. He was so happy, grabbed Elora and I and gave us a huge hug.

And that is how it all began. We went for an ultrasound shortly after to see how far along I was, found out I was about 6 weeks and our due date would be February 14th. Another holiday Due Date, Elora's Due Date was April 1st, April Fool's Day.

We are beyond blessed. What an amazing surprise.