Friday, March 30, 2012

The New Addition

Like every Saturday, I got up and went to work thinking it was going to be just another day. Josh was going to bring me lunch which I always look forward to. I told him 1:30 was my lunch. Well at 1:15 he came into my work with a grin on his face. Not just any grin but what I like to call his "guilty smile", yes it is very distinctive, not like any other of his smiles. Then when it got slow he came up to my counter and said it, "I was bad." "What did you buy?" Then he wasn't saying anything but had this huge smile painted on his face. Finally I got it out of him, he got us a puppy! This is something we would have done together but he went to Spokanimal and this puppy had just became available and he would be adopted fast. Josh knew I would love him, so he adopted him right then and there.

We named him Kilo. We finally got to take him home on Tuesday evening, which made both of our days very long! Kilo is a 5 month old German Shepherd mix. He is very loving and just a little timid. He is such a great dog, we got blessed with him. The only time he has ever barked is when we put him in his kennel, which just broke my heart. Even when we take him on walks and other dogs are barking at him he just glaces there way and keeps on walking, paying no real attention to them.

Kilo already knows who "mom and dad" are. If Josh asks " Where's mom?", he runs around the house to find me. He loves us! He also loves his blue dog toy, which I got him as sort of a welcome home gift. He takes this little dog everywhere! Specially to sleep. If he forgets it downstairs when we got to bed, he runs down to get it and brings it to his bed. He always comes over to each side of our bed at night with his puppy, which reminds me of a small child coming in with its teddy like "Ok mom I'm ready to go to bed now, can I lay with you?" We have only let him lay on the bed a couple times but not at night because he has a hard time jumping on and off the bed and he is not completely potty trained yet. However, he is doing great with potty training! We were told he wasn't at all so we expected it to be quite an experience but so far he has only went potty in the house 3 times and no poop! WooHoo! And never at night. The last few nights we have let him out around 2am because that is when he gets antsy but last night he slept the whole night! I was so proud.

We are so happy for our newest member of the family. He is so adorable! We are already excited for this summer to take him camping, fishing, to the lake, on hikes, etc. We love our Kilo!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's On My Mind: Summer

That's right, I said it! S.U.M.M.E.R. Summer! I don't say this because of the usual Spokane weather we have been having, I actually like the snow so that is not a factor. I am genuinely excited for what the warm weather brings. Of course there is not a whole lot of differences between this summer and the last but I just have a really good feeling about this coming summer and I get happy thinking about it. I have a few reasons I am so excited for the warm weather to arrive:

Our first summer in the new home: This topic alone brings more and more excitement for me every day. I love the thought of seeing what are trees will look like, seeing our (hopefully) beautiful yard, and seeing the bright summer light shine through. I can't wait to swing on our front porch swing reading and drinking something cool and refreshing. I think I might even have to call my Grandma Holly over to help me start a garden. She has the most beautiful garden during the summer and has the greenest thumb of anyone you could meet.

Walks: With our new home brings new adventures. It has been a bit too cold and too dark by the time Josh gets home to really enjoy our new neighborhood, but I am planning in getting the most out of it soon! We live in such a great area. It is just far enough to have a nice neighborhood feel to it but close enough to walk to Garland Street and enjoy what that area of town has to offer. If you walk straight down our street you will run into Rocket Bakery, which will be a nice spot to grab some coffee before walking around. Then just a bit further down is our good friends the Hollingsworths, which will be fun to walk to and say hi. Have I mentioned how much I love walks?!

Family Get Togethers: Josh and I both love spending time with both of our families, but we hardly ever do anything with both of them at the same time. I am determined to change this. We already talked about inviting them all over for a BBQ which I look forward to. Now that I think about it, we might just invite our close friends too! HOW GREAT WILL THAT BE! It will be another fun first time home experience shared with people we love! I'm also looking forward to setting up the basketball hoop and playing some basketball with Josh and Trace (aka little bro) or anyone who would like to join in. Pretty much anything outside with our family and friends will be enjoyable!

Chelsey and John's Wedding (Little after summer): As anyone who has been to Katie's wedding and/or  my wedding will know, the Bacon family knows how to through a wedding. Both of our weddings were a blast and everyone had a great time, that is only one reason I look forward to Chelsey and John's wedding. As a married woman I love, love! I'm so happy for Chelsey to experience this. Marriage is such an amazing adventure and for someone I love to experience it brings me great joy. I look forward to seeing what their future together brings.

I'm sure I could think of many more reasons to be excited for this time of year but for tonight, this is what I have. For all of our close friends and family: be prepared to share some fun times with us at our home this summer!

We love you all.