Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: The Shack

"Where tragedy confronts eternity." The main character, Mack, receives a note in the mail apparently from God, asking him to come back to the shack. The shack is where Mack's "Great Sadness"  comes from, it is where his youngest daughter, Missy, was taken to a few years ago and was murdered. Mack is unsure of the note, but can't stop thinking  about it and decides to take a trip to the shack. This is where Mack meets God.

That is what I heard about the book and was instantly hooked. I had to know what happened before I even read the first page. I was surprised at how quickly it gets into the story, so much so I couldn't think of what the other half of the book could be about. As I was reading it I had a lot of people question me about reading such material, that it was not correctly portraying God at all and not what the Bible portrays. Well first of all, it is fiction, second of all it is about God's way of helping Mack, of bringing him back into a relationship with God. What I had heard is people either love the book or hate it. I actually really enjoyed the story, but not so much the writing. I felt like the author was almost trying too hard. He seemed to add more words then necessary to one sentence. The story, however, was great. It may have not been what the Bible portrays but it was just a different way to look at the situation and really just made me feel better about my own faith. The story makes you think. There were so many moments that I had to put the book down and really think about what I had just read. He sees God in a new light. This book is obviously not for everyone but I would recommend it to those with an open mind, or people who have gone through something tragic and wonder where God is in all of the darkness.

The book is really about the common question, if there is a God than why does such horrible things happen in the world. If you have ever asked that question yourself, then this book is for you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Have You Been Up To?

Well, it has been over a month since my last blog. What have I been up to? Reading! I love reading but only read so often. This year I have discovered a website called I love this website and it makes me want to read so much more! You can rate the books you have read and it will then give you recommendations, the more you rate the better it gets to know your style of material. The best part for me is I can keep track of the books I want to read and can talk to my friends who also have it about books we have read. (So far I only have one friend on there, but it is still fun! THANK YOU JESSICA) To conclude, I have made myself a little goal for reading this year and have already finished two books and started another. This is actually good for me, I normally get into phases where I read one book and quit reading for awhile, but so far just reading one after another.
This year I started with The Help. I had seen the trailer for the movie and knew right away I wanted to read the book before watching the movie. I could not put this book down. The book is written in the perspective of three character: Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter. Each character is unique and  I loved them all for different reasons. Maybe because they could be preserved as different personalities of ourselves. Aibileen is humble, Minny is the rebel side, and Skeeter would be the witty side who, for the most part, does not care what people think of her as long as she is doing the right thing. I truly hope that if I were to have grown up in this era, that I too would stand up for other people, no matter their race. I will have to mention another character which was my favorite, Mrs. Celia Foote, and for many reasons, mainly she would just make you smile every time you read about her. Overall the story gives such a unique insight to this era of being an African-American maid in the south in the 1960s. I would definitely recommend this book,  I loved this book and it is easily in my favorites list.

After reading this book I had also watched the movie, of course the book was way better. However, there was only a few real changes to the movie and one big change to the end, but I really am glad they changed it for the movie, it was simply better to watch that way. (If you are lost you must read and watch the movie to understand)

I will continue onto my next book tomorrow, it has a bit more controversy and most likely needs it's own post. Tomorrow's review: The Shack.

*Side Note: Please forgive me if this review may not make as much sense, I am currently sick, and fighting off Nyquil in order to get this done tonight like I had said I would.