Monday, January 16, 2012

Dinner Review: Sweet & Sour Shrimp Stir-Fry

Not the best picture because it is from my phone, but it will have to do. There is it is, in all it's yumminess. Note: I do not take any responsibility for drool getting on your keyboard. Since the move I have really been lacking on my dinners. Not that I haven't made dinners, just nothing new and exciting like I had been doing before. So last week I made a list of dinners for the next couple weeks and a grocery list to go with it. First up was one from a recipe book that I have yet to use. This sweet and sour stir-fry consisted of  shrimp, snow pea pods, tomatoes, pineapple, and of course a sweet and sour sauce. It was so good! The only thing I would have done different is  add more pineapple strictly because I LOVE pineapple in stir-fries. The recipe made plenty for seconds and leftovers! The only downfall to this was the left overs were not as amazing. The tomatoes were just horrible reheated, but everything else was pretty good.

Words from the main critic aka my husband, "Love it, not the best reheated, but still good."

If you are interested in the recipe, just let me know!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day Calender

I pinned this awhile ago on Pinterest and am so glad I remembered to do it before the New Year! I have the tendency to find awesome ideas and remember them when it is too late. The picture is pretty self explanatory, it is a day calendar made up on note cards for each day and postcards for the months. You write the year and then something that you did or happened that day. I am very excited to see how this will turn out. Hopefully I can stick with it and do it every year, because the more years the more fun it will be! I guess we will see in a couple years!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Extended Family.

Josh and I are blessed to have amazing friends and family, and amazing friends that are no less of family then our own. Our "extended family" is what they are known as. People in which if we had any news, good or bad, they would easily be in our top 5 people to tell first. This is a couple that we not only consider family, but role models. Role models for life, for our faith, for marriage, and last but not least for parenting (one day).

Buz was Josh's youth leader when Josh and I first started dating in Junior High. Of course Josh told him about me and they were eager to meet me. However, Josh kept me hidden for a few years. Josh soon became a Student Leader for the youth group and about a year later I joined the team. After that we were in it for the long haul with the Hollingsworths. We were able to grow as friends through our time leading the youth group and then as family through everything else life had in store.

Buz and Jolen have been through it all with us and we were always a phone call away for them if ever needed. When I say they have been through it all, oh do I mean "it all". Buz and I'm pretty sure but not positive Jolen, knew about our engagement well in advance. They were one of only a couple people to see the ring before. Jolen was at my bridal shower. Buz and their daughter Ellie were in our wedding. Even though they were no longer a part of Fuel, they were there for one of our hardest decisions, to step down. More recently we bought a house, one that is only a few blocks away from their home, and they came by the next day.

We were also blessed to share a lot of their life's big moments as well. Josh was at their wedding. We were over joyed to find out they were having a baby and a few month later, to find out it was a girl. We got the "thunder cats are go" text. We were pulled to the side before Fuel one night and were told that baby number two was on it's way. We were just as excited as the first time. Then, another girl and again, we were not any less excited. We had told them if they need someone to watch Ellie when Jolen goes into labor, we were there, no matter what time. We got the call one evening and headed straight over. I remember just how giddy we were to the point of forgetting we both worked in the morning. It didn't take us a second to know that it didn't matter, one of us would call out to work, we were going to be there for them.It ended up being a false alarm, but a short while after, we were at the hospital holding baby Jocelynn.

Josh and Buz would joke saying that we would have our first and their third at the same time, mainly because they needed each other through those harsh nine months, and how cool would it be to say "Josh since you are already at the store grabbing ice cream could you pick up something for Jolen." Well we soon found out that wasn't going to happen, because baby number three was now on it's way! I could not control my joy, I'm pretty sure I was shaking Josh on the way home. He shared in the joy, but did not much appreciate the shaking being he was driving, I guess that could cause a wreck or something? Well just last night we got the phone call. Boy or girl? I made Josh rush home so we could call them. Either way we would be just as excited as we were with Ellie, and with Josie. We honestly thought girl. "Ellie can you tell them the name of the baby"... "KENNEY!" We pretty much jumped out of our chairs. "No, Ellie is just being silly, what is the real name?" ... "Madeline Danielle."  Another girl, and yet again, no less excited.

The middle name I thought was a complete fluke. It is a great middle name of course, they must have heard it somewhere and liked it. As I read Buz's blog today telling everyone the sex of baby number three, he explained the reasoning behind both first and middle name. I was in shock to hear the middle name was actually after me. No idea what so ever. I feel truly honored and over the moon excited. They might as well have told me I won a bunch of money as excited as I am!

I honestly hope everyone is as blessed as we are to have such great friends. People who will be in our lives for the long haul, through thick and thin. People you can trust your children with. People who you can call in the middle of the night and they won't waste a second getting to you. People like Buz and Jolen.

Thank you Hollingsworths for everything. We will always be here for you all.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Every Wife Should Know

Wow, with a title like that I feel like this should be a huge post, but it is not. This is just one simple tid bit of information that I have learned over the years that I found surprising to hear that other wives do not do this. That my friends is what we call a "hook", a start to a story that draws the reader in and makes them interested in reading more =) . This "tid bit" as I like to call it, has occurred quite a few times in our marriage and I always react in the same way.

It does not matter if it is 4 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon, if your husband is going to work and says these seven words, "Do you know where my keys are?", you stop whatever you are doing, this DOES include sleeping, and help him find the keys. Normally Josh leaves for work before I get up, specially when he works a 4am shift. Josh is the primary provider so I find it necessary to get him to work and on time. If he comes in and whispers those words at 4am, I am up helping him look, and if we can't find the keys by the time he needs to leave, which is normally shortly after he asks me, then I will put a sweatshirt and shoes on and drive him to work myself.

I had thought this would be common sense but recently found out, from an anonymous source, that that is not the case. Some woman will continue sleeping or at the very least mumble some sort of word formation that he can not understand. Big help, right? Now, I am not trying to get on anyone's bad side by posting this, I am merely suggesting that if you do this, then maybe you need to step back and think how would you feel if you are in a rush to get somewhere and the one person that could help doesn't even put forth the effort. I know I would be frustrated.

It does not matter if I hadn't slept in days and finally was getting the best sleep of my life, if Josh comes in and says that, you know I will jump out of bed like no bodies business!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Two

This year for Christmas Josh and I decided to just do stockings. We did this for a few reasons. Our main reason for doing so, was that my amazing husband surprised me a few weeks before Christmas with a brand new, very nice, camera for my photography, which was a pretty penny. Of course he can't be left out, so we are planning on getting the gun he has wanted for quite awhile. So anything more for Christmas might be over doing it. However, I don't believe Josh would be able to do this if it wasn't for my birthday being so close after.

A few days before Christmas, Josh placed a big box on our fireplace. This box was not wrapped in Christmas paper but rather birthday wrapping. He is very sweet to make sure my birthday is special and my day, not just an after Christmas kinda day. Back to this box. It was completely teasing me just sitting there every day! I had no idea what so ever what could be in the box. Josh was very excited about it and wanted me to open it up early. I decided to wait, being I only celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday with the Bacon side. (My family celebrates it on another day... I write another blog explaining that later.) Well, the 29th came and as soon as Josh woke up he jumped up and ran downstairs wanting me to open my gift. The big box was holding a thinner box. Could it be... no, he wouldn't... Sure enough he did. A brand new laptop. Mine crashed completely just a few weeks ago and here was a brand new, way better one sitting in my lap. I was completely shocked. My husband spoils me way too much! The best part about it is how happy it makes him.

The day continued to be great. My Aunt, baby cousin, and Grandpa came over to see our house for the first time and Grandpa treated us to Thai Bamboo. Then later that night Josh baked me a cake, first cake he has ever made, and it turned out great. We had his parents over for dinner which Josh also made. The whole day was amazing. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and amazing family! My 22nd birthday was the best so far!

22 Facts on December 29th
1. 1702- Elizaveta Petrovna (Empress of Russia) was born.
2. 1800 - Charles Goodyear (American Inventor) was born.
3. 1808 - Andrew Johnson (17th US President) was born.
4. 1845 - Texas admitted as 28th state
5.1848 - U.S. President James Polk turned on the first gas light at the White House.
6. 1851 -The first American YMCA opens in Boston, Massachusetts.
7. 1852 - Emma Snodgrass arrested in Boston for wearing pants.
8. 1862 - Bowling ball invented.
9. 1867 - 1st telegraph ticker used by a brokerage house, Groesbeck and Co, New York.
10. 1888 - The first performance of Macbeth took place at the Lyceum Theater.
11. 1936 - Mary Tyler Moore (Actress) was born.
12. 1938 - Construction on Lake Washington Floating Bridge, Seattle, begins.
13. 1947- Ted Danson (Actor in Cheers) was born.
14. 1948 - U.S. State Department announces work on placing objects into Earth orbit.
15. 1952 - 1st transistorized hearing aid offered for sale in Elmsford, New York.
16. 1955 - Barbra Streisand's 1st recording "You'll Never Know" at age 13.
17. 1965 - CBS purchases NFL TV rights for 1966-68 at $18.8 million per year
18. 1972 - LIFE magazine ceases publication.
19. 1972 - Jude Law (Actor) was born.
20. 1986 - Cary Grant (Actor) died.
21. 1996- A peace agreement was signed, ending 36 years of conflict in Guatemala.
22. 1997 - Hong Kong began killing 1.25 million chickens, the entire population, for fear of the spread of 'bird   flu'.