Friday, February 25, 2011

I Love to Draw

I love to draw! The sad thing is though, I haven't in so long. So yesterday I picked up my pens and paper. =)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dinner Review: Oregano Chicken

Two words: EASY and FLAVOR! All I had to buy for this recipe was Chicken! This recipe wasn't even on my shopping list, I came across it and notice I had everything. Not a huge list either just butter, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, oregano, and garlic powder. That's it! I changed this one up from the orignal recipe by addign vegtible oil and 2 tbs water to make there be a little more. I also rubbed salt and pepper on the chicken before adding the liquid mixture. Then put the chicken on top of some rice and it was great! The sauce on the chicken made the rice so yummy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bacon Valentine's Day

Josh and I had really no plans for Valentine's this year. Even in past years we might go out but normally on another night so we don't have to fight the crowd. Two reasons we had no plans; 1 We feel it's more of a commercialized holiday and can go out for a date night another time, and 2 we have been together so long that our love over flows throughout the whole year and not just on one day. Can I get more corny?

Well anyways, Josh got home from work and said we were going out to dinner which made me super excited. It was getting close to 6pm and I was starving but Josh kept saying let's wait. Then there was a knock on the door and there was a delivery of the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I have ever seen. Josh had completely surprised me. Then we went to Red Lobster. It was sooooo worth the wait! So stinking good! What a great husband I have!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinner Review: Stuffed Peppers

Tonight's dinner was Stuffed Peppers. A very scrumptious dinner might I add. Another recipe that I followed without changing it. It bakes in the oven for an hour coming out with a smell so mouth watering. The inside was the best. The only thing I would say about this dinner is the peppers seemed more for looks, it was kind of an awkward dinner to eat. And there was more pepper then the ground beef and rice mixture inside. Josh thought the same, he ended up pouring the mixture out and only cutting a little bit of the pepper up to eat. He did make a great suggestion of cutting the pepper and putting it with the mixture on top of tortillas to make it more of a taco. Which is most likely what I will do next time, because I will be making this again, mainly because I loved the beef and rice mixture sooo much! And it's a bonus of how easy it was to make.


21 Day Fast... Day 13

13 days down and only 8 days left. Each day, until today, has been easier and easier. Today has had its toll on Josh and I when it comes to both caffeine and Facebook. Last Tuesday the guys brought over Mt Dew and left some in our fridge, I hadn't notice this delicious drink until today. Of course we had run out of Root Beer yesterday morning, making the Mt Dew extremely difficult not to caress. Before dinner was ready the temptation was overwhelming so Josh ran to the store to pick up Root Beer. He ended up coming home with three different decaffeinated sodas all of which did not include Root Beer. This saddened me because Root Beer sounded oh so good.
Facebook hasn't been tempting me lately. I have kept busy by reading, blogging, and more recently making a list of over 30 new FUEL games. I am super stoked to try them all out! While Josh was gone however, I received an email from Facebook. My friend and I had made a fan page and some woman wrote an article about it. I couldn't tell by the email if she was saying it was a funny page or mocking it. The weird thing is, it's not a big page as in maybe 100 fans. Well the only way to see what it really is about is to go onto Facebook which I can't do. Darn you Facebook demon trying to tempt me! Oh well I guess I will wait till the 21st to see what this is all about.

Dinner Review: Voodoo Pasta

Another yummy dish: Voodoo Pasta. With an interesting list of ingredients I had my doubts this would turn out but I followed this ingredient to a T. There is an option between Blackened or Cajun seasoning and of course I chose Cajun, probably one of my favorite seasonings in the world! If you are a fan of smoked sausage you will love this recipe! Dinner turned out great! The only thing I would change is the recipe tells you to put a teaspoon of Cajun seasoning on the sausage before cooking. Next time I would use a little less seasoning on the sausage and add more to the Alfredo instead because the sausage was a bit too strong for Josh and I. You could by the fact all our noodles were gone and we had a heap of sausage in the corner of our plates. Overall it was a great dinner and of course it made a great lunch the next day!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dinner Review: Slow Cooker Chicken Stroganoff

Starting a few weeks ago I found this AWESOME website called and decided I would start trying a bunch  of new dinners. Josh has really enjoyed this. What I have been trying to do is come up with dinners for the whole week and make a shopping list just for that, which has saved a lot of money!

Last night was Chicken Stroganoff. I put it in the Slow Cooker around 10am  and by the time Josh got home at 4pm the house was smelling great! This dinner is one that I will definitely be making again. It was such an easy dinner to make, the slow cooker really does all the work. What I like to do with this website is look at other reviews for the recipe and I normally change it up a little bit from the original recipe. The only thing I did different to this one was adding a little milk (so it wasn't as salty and there was more sauce) and put frozen chicken in and shredded it instead of cutting into cubes. Yum. It was super filling so there is plenty for leftovers for lunch the next day.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

21 Day Fast... Day 9

Well lets start with the easy one: caffeine. This one has been extremely easy for me being I rarely drink coffee or energy drinks any more and Root Beer has been my new source for my soda addiction... Root Beer= NO caffeine! This one however has been a lot harder on Josh than giving up Facebook. Josh who is a hard worker and has long days normally brings a thermos, of about 12 cups of coffee, to work and drinks it throughout the day. Not to mention his complete fascination for anything Red Bull. But we are still going strong, besides the one slip up at FUEL when the excitement got to us...

Facebook, oh Facebook... This one was an easy one for Josh to do being he never really goes on it anyways, besides to accomplish his goal of having more friends than I have. For me, on the other hand, this one is more difficult. Like I said before this became my source from boredom and my way to know what was going on in people's lives, see new pictures, and of course remembering friend's birthdays. I am truely glad I decided to go without though, I have been WAY more productive with my day and its been nice. I'm halfway through a book I can't put down and I started working out daily! Starting yesterday!

I did however come across a website called Lamebook the other day and had many laughs with that one. It is basically ridiculous thing people put up on Facebook. It's pretty much awesome but it keeps leading me to other websites which makes me call my friend Devon and spend hours laughing together at the amazement!
Lamebook (Background Check picture) which led me to...
People of Walmart... Which led to...
Random Creepy Guy... which led to...
Damn You Autocorrect... which by far is my favorite.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

21 Day Fast... Day 3

So I recently started my 21 day fast that my Church is doing. We are doing this fast to pray more about our building situation. Long story short we need to find somewhere to move the Church, we don't want to go to far and loose the people we have but there are not many choices close to home. I know my team is a bit worried about this because we have Jr High students who can't drive and that we have built a relationship with and really don't want to loose over a move. Most of my D-Group girls walk to the Church and if we move too far they are going to have to find another way of getting there. So we pray during our fast.

I chose to fast from my so called addictions; caffeine and Facebook. Caffeine has not been too hard for me, mainly because I can have Root Beer and Sprite. It's not cheating because they have no caffeine! On the other hand, there's Facebook... Oh Facebook, how I miss you so. Facebook has been my go to for too long. Every time I'm bored, on my breaks at work, when I can't sleep, it' Facebook I turn to. I am however glad I chose this. It has been and will be difficult for me but will show me the many other things I can be doing with my time... like blogging!

To conclude, I apologize now if my blogs start to sound like Facebook status updates.

21st Birthday

Finally the day came. The day where I no longer have to wait for an age to do something. Oh, besides driving a rental car I guess... Well the day started with a whole lot of snow! It hardly ever snows on Christmas but I told Josh it ALWAYS snows on my birthday, and I love it!

First we went to the DMV to get my oh so cool SIDEWAYS license! I could tell this day was going to be a good day when we first got there... Surprisingly I'm not being sarcastic! Our number actually got called as it was printing! No wait at the DMV! I was shocked! Besides thinking I was blind in one eye (my hair was in the way so I couldn't see the numbers) the trip went well. Then off to Twigs to meet Dad, Kim, and Trace.

They were running a bit late so Josh and I decided to wait in the bar... yes, IN the bar! When they got there Dad treated us to lunch and his favorite Chocolate Martini (Yes he would...)

After that Josh took me all around Spokane, where ever I wanted to go, even if it was a blizzard out. Then dinner came and we went to Mom and Dad's for Mom's most amazing Steak Chili... yummmm! After dinner Josh and I went to the Swinging Doors to have a drink. Unfortunately with the snow hardly anybody was there.

Over all it was a great day. And ended with me, who can feel half a beer, drinking an Irish Trash Can. And then sleep. =)

Catching Up... I'll Start With Christmas...

Hopefully the term "better late than never" still applies. I have been so busy I nearly forgot all about Blogging and staying up to date! So I will start with our very first Bacon Christmas. Before, a quick side note: The picture above is our first tree and my first REAL tree! I have always had fake trees so this part was a real treat to me and Josh was amused by my amazement at the fact we didn't have to bend the branches in order to put the ornaments up.
Well to start I felt like I was 5 again. I wasn't able to sleep and was super excited. I soon found out Josh was the same way so we just decided to get up... at 3am. We spent the next few hours doing our own Christmas together. Josh and I ended up playing with a remote control helicopter I bought him and a dart gun he bought me for the majority of the morning. He would fly his helicopter around while I tried to shoot it down (Of course sound effects had to be made).
Next we went over to Mom and Dad's (AKA Bacon Side) and had a very enjoyable Christmas morning with the whole family! We got a lot of date night stuff which was most awesome! While we were there Josh gave me my big present that he had been working on, a huge picture of Venice Italy that he made the whole frame for.

 After that we went over to Dad's house (AKA LiVecchi Side) and of course enjoyed ourselves there as well. Josh received a make your own beer kit, which he did and it turned out pretty dang good if I might say so myself. And I received the new Adobe Photoshop! Which I l.o.v.e. LOVE!

Besides a lot more driving around to all the families, that was pretty much the extent of our Christmas. We are so very blessed to have most of our family right here with us. And I very much enjoyed sharing our first Christmas together and making our own traditions, including cinnamon rolls and watching Jill Carry's The Grinch (another one of those things that Josh is more amused by me getting excited to watch than actually being himself excited).