Saturday, December 31, 2011

Random Road Trip

This trip started with Josh coming upstairs and asking me to Google map Canada... Who knew it only takes about 2.5 hours. From there we found our passports and hit the road. This all happened within 5 minutes. Tyler, Kenney, Josh, and I headed to the boarder at 9pm and were all pretty stoked for our adventures to come in Canada. "We are going to take pictures of everything we do and add IN CANADA... snow ball fight... IN CANADA!" Our trip started late and we knew it would be early morning before we got back because Kenney and I had to be somewhere by 9am, it was going to be a long but fun filled night. So worth little to no sleep.
On our way.

The drive there was not the best. Tyler was an awesome driver but the fog was making it hard. We literally could not see in front of us and only part of the time we could actually make out the lines on the road. Luckily it was late enough that there wasn't too many other people driving. The last thirty miles where straight out of a scary movie. Woods. Pitch black behind us and only a little light from the headlights in front of us. Wet and icy. I myself was freaking out, not because I thought someone was going to murder us or anything, but I have a problem when it comes to driving in snow and near ledges. Ask Josh, he will say I am the worst person to drive with, I freak out and feel like I'm having mini panic attacks. Tyler made sure to drive slow and not rush getting there, which I greatly appreciate.

A few miles into this wooden area we notice, not only is it pitch black, but there is nothing around. No gas stations, no stores, nothing. Every so often we would pass one single house a little bit off the roads, but other than that, if we broke down, we were pretty much screwed. This road seemed to be never ending. Each time we thought it was close, another ten miles would pass.

Eventually we saw light. It was a great relief to everyone, at least for that moment. We soon saw a sign saying "Border Hours 8am-Midnight". It was 12:30. Twelve... thirty.... A half hour. We missed it. We all laughed not knowing what else to do. We ended up pulling over and getting out. A Border Patrol Truck came by (out of no where I might add) and asked what we were doing. I don't believe he understood the meaning of "random road trip". He said sorry and said that this was the only border that closes, however, we could drive 70 miles west or 130 east to the other crossings.
At the Border.

The worse part about this, was the fact we had to drive back in that horrendous wooded area. We got back in the car and headed towards home. But who was to blame? Well we figured it was Kenney, he should have had us leave earlier. No, it was definitely me, I made them stop twice so I could use the bathroom. Or, maybe Tyler, he took forever to get his papers from his mom's house and drove like a "grandma" during the last bit. Josh had to be the best reason for fault though. Right after we left Tyler had asked him "This may seem like a stupid question, but the borders don't close right?" To which Josh replied, "Ya, that is a stupid question. They can't just close a country. They are not going to be like 'Oh it's this time we can't let you cross this line'." Yup, that just happened.

Really though, I'm sure we were all to blame. But that doesn't matter, we had fun. It was an awesome time with great friends. We made it back around 3 in the morning. Safe. The best part was the next day, being able to say, "Ya, we drove to Canada last night."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Joys of Home Ownership

We were truly blessed to have found a house that really did not need any work done to it. Sure, there are things we would like to do, but nothing that has to be done. We did know that our first big project would eventually be the bathrooms.... Key would "eventually." The upstairs bathroom is only a tub (no shower) , small, and out of date. The downstairs bathroom is cute but once you open up the shower curtains the bathtub completely takes away from the room with its yellowish walls and rails everywhere.
Well "eventually" turned into 2 weeks after moving in. Josh could not stand the shower downstairs and decided he would take out the rails and use a special paint to paint the yellow walls white. That is how it started anyways. The next thing I know, I'm telling josh I want to get a "before picture" and he says it might be too late... 
Yup, the wall is IN the bathtub. To explain, the tub walls were not put up very well before so Josh took them down figuring he would paint them outside and then put them up better. Well turns out the sheet rock behind that was water damaged and some parts started to mold. So we would have had to do this sooner anyways. I am however not worried one bit, Josh is quite the handy man and knows what needs to be done and how to do it. The previous owners had left a bunch of really nice tile, so Josh is working on making the wall look 10x better with the tile. I am very excited to see how this turns out. =)

Well after the wall was out we realized we don't want to be taking baths upstairs all the time so we decided to hook up a shower. Sounds easy enough right? It turns out there is no way to just screw on a hose from the shower head to the faucet... so we try a few things to get it to stay. In the process of doing so we hear a huge "pshhhhhhhhhhhhh" behind the wall. Josh immediately ran to turn off the water. To fix this we have to cut into this wall as well. Not as bad as downstairs but still not something we wanted to do. Good news, it was not our fault. There had been a leak and a previous owner had "fixed" it completely incorrectly. The leak went through our main floor cupboards and down to the basement. But my handy man got it all fixed by the next day.

Now we have  shower upstairs! Sure the walls were not meant for a shower so we pinned up plastic for now, but with both upstairs and downstairs curtains shut you will never know! (Unless you are a total creeper looking into our shower)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This is the house we bought and made it our home. The experience of buying a house is like none other. First you start looking online at homes (most of which you don't realize how far out of your budget they really are), next you get appraised (they give you a round about number that you "can afford", meaning if you make $3000 a month your mortgage will be about $2750 because you can totally live off $250), after that you meet with a Realtor and tell him what you are looking for (you will most likely lower your standards later when you realize what you can afford with acreage is a mobile home on an area), and then the fun part, actually going to the houses and looking inside. That was by far my favorite part, even if some of the houses weren't quite what you were expecting. Sure, they look great online with the nice porch going to the pool in the back and oh boy do those rooms look cozy, but then you actually go there... Hypothetically, let's say you go around, I don't know, one in the afternoon, the owner (who is not supposed to be there) answers the door wearing pajamas and says you can look around as long as you don't mind her sleeping on the couch while her child and dog run around you... "Uh... sure.." That is when you realize, the nice picture of the pool is now a huge dirt hole in the backyard, the cozy rooms all smell like cat urine, and just forget about the porch. All hypothetical of course, but you get the point, you see some that look like that and you see some that are okay, and a few that you might actually like.

I thought marriage was a huge commitment, this, this is where you call home, where you have people over, people of which who will talk about it behind your back when they leave, where you will start a family, where you say "this is our neighborhood" and "that is where our children will go to school", this house is a 30 year commitment. Not saying I'm going to end my marriage in less time or anything, but with Josh I had been sure I was going to marry him for years, you don't have years to decided on a house, if you really like it you wont want anyone else to snag it!

Well one day after looking at a house full of porcelain dolls (which completely freaked me out, the moment I walked in I wanted to turn around and walk right back out) Josh and I drove to the second house, one of which Josh did not want to even look at. Needless to say, we fell in love. The house is an older home full of character, potential, and has that "homey" feeling. And that was that, we signed what seemed to be our life away, got the keys, and moved everything in one night.

We really are so blessed to have found what we now call, our home.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yes, I know. It has been way too long since my last blog. My last blog talked about just starting to look at houses and we were about a month away from our trip to the Caribbean. Well a lot has happened in the last three months!

To start our trip was amazing! I truly can't believe it is already over. We were able to do a bunch of excursions which were all very enjoyable. Our first port was Cozumel, here we actually didn't do a whole lot put take millions of pictures and shop around. This port was what we called our "learning experience" and that night we signed up for excursions on every other port. The next day we went snorkeling in Belize, which reminds me we still have yet to get our underwater film printed! That will be fun to see. After that was our favorite port, Mahogany Bay, Roatan. This stop was the most beautiful place we have ever seen. We took a chairlift to a breath taking beach and spent the whole day there. Our last port was Grand Cayman, here we went to a Turtle Farm and got to hold baby turtles! No, they wouldn't let us take them home, I asked. Overall it was the most amazing trip I have ever been on. The ports were exciting and the cruise was full of fun times! We will be taking another cruise whenever we can afford it.

Our Baby Turtle                                                       

After we got back from our trip I started doing more photography. Photography is something I have always had a passion for but never thought it would get me anywhere. Well, it actually has. It started with making a facebook page, mainly for kicks and giggles, and of course to show some family picture I had taken for our close friends. From there I had my best friend make me a logo, she is just about to graduate for Graphic Design so I knew she would be good. Not to mention everything that I came up with she laughed, I guess I don't know all the "unsaid rules of graphic design." That is how SmAsh Photography came to be. Now I have done family photos for people I don't even know, and have engagements and weddings on the way!

I have to say starting up SmAsh Photography has been exciting, but not nearly as exciting as becoming home owners. Yup, I said it, HOME OWNERS! We found our house about a month ago, and fell in love. It is an older house but remolded and so "homey" feeling. We have been packing up like crazy the last few days and should be getting the keys... TODAY! We are very excited, and I am so excited to decorate and make it ours.

Well friends and family, that is my update. Hopefully I will stay more on track with this from now on. I must get back to packing now!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Year (+ a Couple Months) for this Bacon Family

So I have not been that great on keeping up to date with these post, yes I have been told by a few people. So I will try this again! Well I guess to start, Josh and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary a couple months ago on June 5th. This was quite strange for us, after nine years being together we celebrated our one year anniversary again. It was a great day and we ended it with dinner at the Palm Court in the Davenport Hotel, the same place Josh took me to when he asked me to marry him. A special thank you to Grammy because we used a gift card she gave us! At the end of the day Josh surprised me with a gorgeous wedding band that is now soldered to my other ring.
A lot has been going on the last couple months in this family. We now have less than a month till we are flying to Tampa Florida to go on a week long cruise to the Caribbean! For those of you who don't know we will be going to five ports Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan, and the Cayman Islands and Grand Cayman. We plan to go snorkeling in Belize which I never have been snorkeling so I am very much looking forward to it! However, I do believe we will be in complete shock with the weather down there, it's not even warm enough in the lakes here to swim! So we are bringing a lot of sunscreen!
The biggest news for us now are that we are looking at buying our first house! We just got pre approved and now are setting up a meeting with a realtor! We are very excited but this is something we do not want to rush into. We both agree that if we are going to buy a house we are going to want to live in for more than a couple years. We have already looked at a few houses but no promises yet. I will make sure to keep everyone updated!
This is a new step for us and we both are excited to see what this year has to bring.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dinner Review: Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Panini

Josh and I have this joke about trying new recipes, "Well we can always order pizza if it doesn't turn out." For this recipe, well, we ordered pizza. It was just awful. Josh and I both had a few bites and that was it. I do appreciate Josh's honesty though. I'm definitely not one of those girls that wants their husband to just go with it, if a pair of jeans make me look horrible, tell me, if the food tastes horrible, please tell me. Josh always tells me what he thinks about the new dinners and gives great input. Sometimes he even gives me ideas to make it better next time. Well for this one, there is no next time. I actually deleted it out of my "Recipe Box" online. So this one I don't recommend, and if you try it and like it, you're weird. Nah, everyone has their own taste, this just wasn't one for the Bacon Family.

I can write one good thing about it though. If you like Buffalo Wings the recipe for the chicken tastes exactly like them. Other than that, yuck.

If you dare:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Does Love Mean...

Ok, so I have been wanting to write but feel like I have had nothing to write about. That is until I stumbled upon a random website that asks people the question "What does love mean?" I could never fully explain love like a dictionary would because I feel love is so much more than words. Love is better explained in examples. Love to me is the little things we do for one another.
About 4 years ago I started a list of "Reasons I Love You," a list of all the little things Josh did that made me fall more into love with him. I occasionally went back to this list throughout the years adding here and there but more so just reading it. Whenever I was upset at Josh I went to this list and almost forgot the reasons I was upset in the first place because every thing on that paper made me smile.
Josh and I have been married for only 10 months now and I haven't gone back to that list in quite some time, but I continuously add things to my mental list. The "list" has gotten very large  in just the last 10 months and those little things I add to it are what love means to me.

Some of what I think Love means:
I'm still asleep when Josh normally leaves for work but he always makes sure to run in and give me one last kiss before he leaves.
Josh always makes sure to hold my hand wherever we go and if he has to let go he gives my hand a quick squeeze, his way of giving my hand a quick "goodbye hug."

Those are just a couple, the rest of the list is for me. =)

The website that I stumbled upon asked the question of "What does love mean," not to just people but to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds. Their answers are truly amazing and every one makes your heart smile. These children could explain love better then most of us adults. They have obviously been around a lot of love and I pray that when Josh and I have kids that they see all the love we share and could answer this question with as much ease as the children on this website.

Please check it out:

"Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth." 1John 3:18

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dinner Review: Lemon Garlic Chicken

This one was actually my own recipe For this one I made it kind of like making Oregano Chicken. For being a quick "throw things together" meal it turned out great! I actually ate all of my chicken! Which if you know me is a big deal. So here is what I did:

2 Chicken Breasts
2Tbsps Water
2Tbsps Oil
1/4 Cup Butter
1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
2Tsps Garlic Powder
2Tsps Minced Garlic
2Tsps Lemon Pepper
Salt and Pepper
(All are about the right measurement.. I just added a bunch)

1. Preheat oven 375 degrees.
2. Combine water, oil, melted butter, lemon juice, garlic powder, minced garlic, and lemon pepper in bowl. Mix well.
3. Pat salt and pepper on both sides of Chicken. Place chicken in ungreased pan (I used a 8"x8" for only making 2 breasts). Pour the mixture of the chicken. I then added some more Garlic Powder and Lemon Pepper.
4. Bake for 15 minutes. Baste juices over the chicken and bake for another 15 minutes.

Super easy too! I then put the chicken on top of some white rice and poured some of the extra juice mixture over the chicken, which soak the rice making it delicious!

If you try it please tell me what you think!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Of course I have heard of it, and even been on it during a date (I bet most people can't say that!) But I have never truly known the greatness of this thing they call Skype. That is, until last night. (Dun, Dun, Dunnnnn) Josh had talked me into getting Skype a couple days ago and it was pretty cool to see him on the computer, when he was sitting next to me, and even play some fun games with him. So I called my friend Devon like I do everyday and talked for hours like we do everyday. Devon lives in Seattle where she goes to school and before she left we pretty much spent everyday together so it was only necessary to talk everyday now that she is miles away. I told her she should get Skype but found out she did not have a webcam... who knew that Macs don't come with a webcam built in! So we talked a bit more then I realized "Hey! We can play games with each other if you get it!" So of course she downloaded it and we began searching for games to play. Then she video called me! I couldn't see her but it was still pretty dang awesome to watch myself and mess with different video angles which had us both rolling. I realized that it really doesn't matter if you can see the other person, you still have just as much fun making a fool of yourself and watching it! Then Josh came inside and joined me.

Needless to say, Devon is getting a webcam today! (I really didn't mean to rhyme, I'm just that good.) I'm SO excited! We laughed at how it only took us 3 years to figure this greatness out! And now I look forward to seeing my bestest!

And I highly recommend Skype if you have a friend a few miles away =)

Messing with webcam.

Dinner Review: Cajun Chicken Pasta

Well I'm pretty sure this dinner is in my top 5 favorite dinners. This is the first dinner I tried a few months ago when I first started this adventure. Josh told me (somewhat last minute) that Mom was coming over for dinner Sunday night. Of course being the man he is, he asked "So what would you like me to make?" I took this opportunity for company and told him I would take care of it. I started looking on my recipe website and all the saved recipes I had. I few looked amazing but I'm not one to test out a new recipe on company, with my luck those words together even sound like disaster. So I went back to my very first and was very pleased! I wouldn't doubt if this recipe was in a restaurant somewhere, yes THAT good! I have just became more adventurous when it comes to recipes so changed it a bit which I didn't do last time. First of all, for the serving size this called for 2 cups Heavy Cream, just a tad much for my taste, so I only used about 1 cup and about 1 cup milk so it was still thick but not awaiting a heart attack. You could also use half and half or just milk with cornstarch to thicken it. I also sauteed the peppers separately for the right texture, the first time I did it they were a little mushy. And of course added more of the seasonings then called for, for that extra kick.

Well I think it turned out well. Mom wanted the recipe, which means I passed! I can take care of her son! (Only joking, I don't actually believe she has a secret check list for me) Left overs the next day were great and had my manager come in the break room to see what smelt so dang good. And I will admit "misplacing" Josh's left overs the day after... Yumm

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Love to Draw

I love to draw! The sad thing is though, I haven't in so long. So yesterday I picked up my pens and paper. =)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dinner Review: Oregano Chicken

Two words: EASY and FLAVOR! All I had to buy for this recipe was Chicken! This recipe wasn't even on my shopping list, I came across it and notice I had everything. Not a huge list either just butter, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, oregano, and garlic powder. That's it! I changed this one up from the orignal recipe by addign vegtible oil and 2 tbs water to make there be a little more. I also rubbed salt and pepper on the chicken before adding the liquid mixture. Then put the chicken on top of some rice and it was great! The sauce on the chicken made the rice so yummy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bacon Valentine's Day

Josh and I had really no plans for Valentine's this year. Even in past years we might go out but normally on another night so we don't have to fight the crowd. Two reasons we had no plans; 1 We feel it's more of a commercialized holiday and can go out for a date night another time, and 2 we have been together so long that our love over flows throughout the whole year and not just on one day. Can I get more corny?

Well anyways, Josh got home from work and said we were going out to dinner which made me super excited. It was getting close to 6pm and I was starving but Josh kept saying let's wait. Then there was a knock on the door and there was a delivery of the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers I have ever seen. Josh had completely surprised me. Then we went to Red Lobster. It was sooooo worth the wait! So stinking good! What a great husband I have!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinner Review: Stuffed Peppers

Tonight's dinner was Stuffed Peppers. A very scrumptious dinner might I add. Another recipe that I followed without changing it. It bakes in the oven for an hour coming out with a smell so mouth watering. The inside was the best. The only thing I would say about this dinner is the peppers seemed more for looks, it was kind of an awkward dinner to eat. And there was more pepper then the ground beef and rice mixture inside. Josh thought the same, he ended up pouring the mixture out and only cutting a little bit of the pepper up to eat. He did make a great suggestion of cutting the pepper and putting it with the mixture on top of tortillas to make it more of a taco. Which is most likely what I will do next time, because I will be making this again, mainly because I loved the beef and rice mixture sooo much! And it's a bonus of how easy it was to make.


21 Day Fast... Day 13

13 days down and only 8 days left. Each day, until today, has been easier and easier. Today has had its toll on Josh and I when it comes to both caffeine and Facebook. Last Tuesday the guys brought over Mt Dew and left some in our fridge, I hadn't notice this delicious drink until today. Of course we had run out of Root Beer yesterday morning, making the Mt Dew extremely difficult not to caress. Before dinner was ready the temptation was overwhelming so Josh ran to the store to pick up Root Beer. He ended up coming home with three different decaffeinated sodas all of which did not include Root Beer. This saddened me because Root Beer sounded oh so good.
Facebook hasn't been tempting me lately. I have kept busy by reading, blogging, and more recently making a list of over 30 new FUEL games. I am super stoked to try them all out! While Josh was gone however, I received an email from Facebook. My friend and I had made a fan page and some woman wrote an article about it. I couldn't tell by the email if she was saying it was a funny page or mocking it. The weird thing is, it's not a big page as in maybe 100 fans. Well the only way to see what it really is about is to go onto Facebook which I can't do. Darn you Facebook demon trying to tempt me! Oh well I guess I will wait till the 21st to see what this is all about.

Dinner Review: Voodoo Pasta

Another yummy dish: Voodoo Pasta. With an interesting list of ingredients I had my doubts this would turn out but I followed this ingredient to a T. There is an option between Blackened or Cajun seasoning and of course I chose Cajun, probably one of my favorite seasonings in the world! If you are a fan of smoked sausage you will love this recipe! Dinner turned out great! The only thing I would change is the recipe tells you to put a teaspoon of Cajun seasoning on the sausage before cooking. Next time I would use a little less seasoning on the sausage and add more to the Alfredo instead because the sausage was a bit too strong for Josh and I. You could by the fact all our noodles were gone and we had a heap of sausage in the corner of our plates. Overall it was a great dinner and of course it made a great lunch the next day!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dinner Review: Slow Cooker Chicken Stroganoff

Starting a few weeks ago I found this AWESOME website called and decided I would start trying a bunch  of new dinners. Josh has really enjoyed this. What I have been trying to do is come up with dinners for the whole week and make a shopping list just for that, which has saved a lot of money!

Last night was Chicken Stroganoff. I put it in the Slow Cooker around 10am  and by the time Josh got home at 4pm the house was smelling great! This dinner is one that I will definitely be making again. It was such an easy dinner to make, the slow cooker really does all the work. What I like to do with this website is look at other reviews for the recipe and I normally change it up a little bit from the original recipe. The only thing I did different to this one was adding a little milk (so it wasn't as salty and there was more sauce) and put frozen chicken in and shredded it instead of cutting into cubes. Yum. It was super filling so there is plenty for leftovers for lunch the next day.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

21 Day Fast... Day 9

Well lets start with the easy one: caffeine. This one has been extremely easy for me being I rarely drink coffee or energy drinks any more and Root Beer has been my new source for my soda addiction... Root Beer= NO caffeine! This one however has been a lot harder on Josh than giving up Facebook. Josh who is a hard worker and has long days normally brings a thermos, of about 12 cups of coffee, to work and drinks it throughout the day. Not to mention his complete fascination for anything Red Bull. But we are still going strong, besides the one slip up at FUEL when the excitement got to us...

Facebook, oh Facebook... This one was an easy one for Josh to do being he never really goes on it anyways, besides to accomplish his goal of having more friends than I have. For me, on the other hand, this one is more difficult. Like I said before this became my source from boredom and my way to know what was going on in people's lives, see new pictures, and of course remembering friend's birthdays. I am truely glad I decided to go without though, I have been WAY more productive with my day and its been nice. I'm halfway through a book I can't put down and I started working out daily! Starting yesterday!

I did however come across a website called Lamebook the other day and had many laughs with that one. It is basically ridiculous thing people put up on Facebook. It's pretty much awesome but it keeps leading me to other websites which makes me call my friend Devon and spend hours laughing together at the amazement!
Lamebook (Background Check picture) which led me to...
People of Walmart... Which led to...
Random Creepy Guy... which led to...
Damn You Autocorrect... which by far is my favorite.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

21 Day Fast... Day 3

So I recently started my 21 day fast that my Church is doing. We are doing this fast to pray more about our building situation. Long story short we need to find somewhere to move the Church, we don't want to go to far and loose the people we have but there are not many choices close to home. I know my team is a bit worried about this because we have Jr High students who can't drive and that we have built a relationship with and really don't want to loose over a move. Most of my D-Group girls walk to the Church and if we move too far they are going to have to find another way of getting there. So we pray during our fast.

I chose to fast from my so called addictions; caffeine and Facebook. Caffeine has not been too hard for me, mainly because I can have Root Beer and Sprite. It's not cheating because they have no caffeine! On the other hand, there's Facebook... Oh Facebook, how I miss you so. Facebook has been my go to for too long. Every time I'm bored, on my breaks at work, when I can't sleep, it' Facebook I turn to. I am however glad I chose this. It has been and will be difficult for me but will show me the many other things I can be doing with my time... like blogging!

To conclude, I apologize now if my blogs start to sound like Facebook status updates.

21st Birthday

Finally the day came. The day where I no longer have to wait for an age to do something. Oh, besides driving a rental car I guess... Well the day started with a whole lot of snow! It hardly ever snows on Christmas but I told Josh it ALWAYS snows on my birthday, and I love it!

First we went to the DMV to get my oh so cool SIDEWAYS license! I could tell this day was going to be a good day when we first got there... Surprisingly I'm not being sarcastic! Our number actually got called as it was printing! No wait at the DMV! I was shocked! Besides thinking I was blind in one eye (my hair was in the way so I couldn't see the numbers) the trip went well. Then off to Twigs to meet Dad, Kim, and Trace.

They were running a bit late so Josh and I decided to wait in the bar... yes, IN the bar! When they got there Dad treated us to lunch and his favorite Chocolate Martini (Yes he would...)

After that Josh took me all around Spokane, where ever I wanted to go, even if it was a blizzard out. Then dinner came and we went to Mom and Dad's for Mom's most amazing Steak Chili... yummmm! After dinner Josh and I went to the Swinging Doors to have a drink. Unfortunately with the snow hardly anybody was there.

Over all it was a great day. And ended with me, who can feel half a beer, drinking an Irish Trash Can. And then sleep. =)

Catching Up... I'll Start With Christmas...

Hopefully the term "better late than never" still applies. I have been so busy I nearly forgot all about Blogging and staying up to date! So I will start with our very first Bacon Christmas. Before, a quick side note: The picture above is our first tree and my first REAL tree! I have always had fake trees so this part was a real treat to me and Josh was amused by my amazement at the fact we didn't have to bend the branches in order to put the ornaments up.
Well to start I felt like I was 5 again. I wasn't able to sleep and was super excited. I soon found out Josh was the same way so we just decided to get up... at 3am. We spent the next few hours doing our own Christmas together. Josh and I ended up playing with a remote control helicopter I bought him and a dart gun he bought me for the majority of the morning. He would fly his helicopter around while I tried to shoot it down (Of course sound effects had to be made).
Next we went over to Mom and Dad's (AKA Bacon Side) and had a very enjoyable Christmas morning with the whole family! We got a lot of date night stuff which was most awesome! While we were there Josh gave me my big present that he had been working on, a huge picture of Venice Italy that he made the whole frame for.

 After that we went over to Dad's house (AKA LiVecchi Side) and of course enjoyed ourselves there as well. Josh received a make your own beer kit, which he did and it turned out pretty dang good if I might say so myself. And I received the new Adobe Photoshop! Which I l.o.v.e. LOVE!

Besides a lot more driving around to all the families, that was pretty much the extent of our Christmas. We are so very blessed to have most of our family right here with us. And I very much enjoyed sharing our first Christmas together and making our own traditions, including cinnamon rolls and watching Jill Carry's The Grinch (another one of those things that Josh is more amused by me getting excited to watch than actually being himself excited).