Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Teething Adventures

Oh we have all been there! That drooling, screaming, won't let you go for a minute, fun times of teething. Elora started teething at 9 months, with three teeth at once! Of course multiple teeth emerging at once is a bit rough, but I thought it was a little better, this way it is a few days of teething, vs few days per tooth over a  few weeks. Now every baby is different, some you won't even tell there is a tooth coming in, and others it is like the end of the world is coming and you may loose a good amount of hair from going crazy. This is the same for teeth, each tooth coming in is different. I think Elora handled most of her teeth coming in fairly well, but there was one in particular that she had a very rough time with that actually ended her nursing at around 13 months.

Here's a great teething chart to show about when each tooth will come, but remember, every child is different!

Of course there are endless amount of toys, chews, and tricks for teething, but these are a few of mine, and Elora's, favorites.

Fresh Food Feeder by Munchkin
Man these things are nifty! Elora loved these, and it kept her busy and happy for awhile. The first time I gave it to her I put an ice cube in it and she "nom nom nom'ed" it and was non stop kicking and all smiles! After that I cut up some bananas and put those in the freezer so she had a cold banana chunk inside. I think Elora was quite fond of me that day ;) Of course you can put really any fruits frozen or not in here and baby will enjoy it and you won't worry about them. The only downfall I noticed with these was cleaning. They are a pain to clean. I ended up soaking them, washing them in the dishwasher, and using one of those bottle nipple cleaners which seemed to work the best. I know there are other brands of these that come with replaceable mesh bags, but the handle was harder for Elora's little hands to grasp. Even with the cleaning, I would use this again and again! I never thought about it before but juice ice cubes would probably work great too, and easy clean up!

Popsicle Molds   

Cool and refreshing. You can use any one you have or even make your own with a binky and a medicine measuring cup. I do recommend that you do a smaller one, because they won't eat the bigger popsicle and it will just make a bigger mess. Also pay attention to the handle, and if baby can grasp it without trouble. A good idea for younger babies, is to use breast milk! (You can also do breast milk ice cubes for the mesh feeder shown above) and the older babies/toddlers I would use something without a whole lot of sugar, 100% juices, or even plain water, still is fun and refreshing! I normally use a mix water and V8's V-Fusion with Elora, who is now 16 months. I have the mold shown in the picture by Munchkin and I really like it. Only $6 on their website, and I believe I got it for less at Walmart.  

Frozen Peas or Blueberries

As you might be catching on to, anything frozen works amazing! It really helps numb those gums and give baby some relief. This is is more for older babies, as it is a whole food, you want to make sure they are used to having foods that they need to chew on before you try this. You could try fresh first then go to frozen if that helps. This a great snack and helps teething! 

Frozen Washcloth with Apple Sauce

So this nifty trick I found off of Pinterest! This is great for all ages, and as you see I made it to show on the blog and Elora now has been chewing on it for a good solid 15 minutes now. All you do is take a washcloth, I like using the baby ones we have since they are softer, wet the center, spread about a Tbls of applesauce in the center, roll it up (applesauce in the inside), and put it in the freezer. Another plus is it doesn't take long to freeze! Maybe 5 minutes. Check out the original blog where I got this and she shared 6 other home remedies! 
 Wet Center,
Spread Tbls of applesause,  twist, and then freeze!
Finished product! How neat!

How neat are these! I got this necklace and a bracelet from my lovely Sister in Law. Jewelry worn by mommy and chewed by baby! I'm sure you have noticed that anytime you are wearing a necklace, earrings, bracelets, well any sort of accessory, those little hands just have to explore it. That is why I think this is a brilliant idea! Explore all they want, and chew! They are most likely already on your hip trying to ease the pain of teeth anyways, so might as well have fun with a cute necklace! Chewbeads website offers a ton of different colors and varieties of necklaces and bracelets, they even have dog tags now! They also have some other teethers as well. If you are not in the market for something like this, it would sure make a fun gift!

Sophie The Giraffe 

A simple teether that my daughter loves! Those legs really get all those hard to reach teeth. Elora has loved this giraffe since she could first hold it and still loves it! I believe the makers of Sophie really put forth the effort in trying to make the perfect teether for baby, form the look, the sound, the fact it is 100% natural rubber and food paint making it safe for baby to chew, and the all the little parts that can be chewed (ears, horns, legs, etc), this is a great toy and teether! For more information go to their link, and find out just why I like the brand so much!


A toothbrush. Yes. You better believe it. Honestly this just happened out of no where. I had a dentist appointment earlier that day and got one of those goodie bags with a free toothbrush inside. Elora seemed to really want it, so I took it out of the packaging and watched her go to town. She loves it and will chew on this thing forever. No I don't know if there is something bad about this, but I feel this thing is made for keeping your teeth and gums healthy so it can't be so bad. Plus, it eases her pain! Happy baby, happy mommy, happy family! This also helped when we started brushing her teeth too, she wasn't as troubled by us using a toothbrush in her mouth because she already new it was a safe thing she likes. Just be aware, anytime they find a new toothbrush, it is no longer yours.

Well those are Elora's favorite things to chew on while teething! What did your Baby like most while teething? Check out these and other Teething ideas on my Pinterest Board, I try to pin any neat idea I see!

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