Monday, June 30, 2014

My Personal Top 4 Newborn Items

Before I gave birth to Elora, I was the typical new Mommy that was nesting and thinking everything had to be perfect for the baby to come home to. When I went to the hospital the first time, a week before she came, we knew she would come early and I panicked. I cried and begged my husband to get the room perfect for her. My dad and his wife came and painted while Josh worked, and after he got off work he made the crib and everything else to go into the room. Well turns out she didn't even sleep in her room for about 5 months, or maybe longer. After having your first child you come to realize that you don't need everything right away.

So here is my own personal list of items I could not live without as a parent of a newborn.

Rock 'n Play Sleeper by Fisher Price

This is my number one, could not live without item! Perfect size for the side of the bed, so baby can sleep close. I loved the way it is slightly tilted and seemed to comfort Elora with it's cozy holding feel. I loved this because it was so easy to fold up and tote up and down my stairs, or anyway for that matter, so she could nap or just lay there watching me in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, everywhere! And when she started to fuss, I could gently rock her back to sleep. There was even a couple times when she was sleeping in her crib and had a bad cold with that awful stuffy nose, that I would transfer her into this, the slight elevation helped so much on that poor nose. Another plus, you can find this pretty much everywhere! Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, Online, and more. I have seen it for about $50 and $75 for the Deluxe.

 1 Month Old
5 Months Old

Nursing Cover

I loved, loved, loved my nursing cover! It was given to me as a gift from my dear friend Jolen who owns Maddie Mae and makes and sells these awesome covers/infinity scarfs. Now there is nothing wrong with feeding your child in public, I personally am a bit modest so I don't have the guts to feed without a cover. I loved this cover for many reasons! It covered my back, which a lot of covers don't, and I don't want my whole back to be showing if I decided to not wear a tank top under my shirt. I loved the material, and so did Elora! It was made out of a jersey material and it was light but not see through. It was perfect for those hot days. Talk about multiple uses! I could wear it as a scarf, nurse my daughter, swaddle her, lay it down on the grass, and I even used it as a car seat cover when Elora was sleeping and we were shopping. I loved it so much I ordered two more! They run for about $20 plus S&H. *Click Maddie Mae to go to her Facebook and see her other items she sells such as hats and bags that are upcycled! 

Baby Bullet

Oh yes, my Baby Bullet. Obviously this is a couple months down the road for baby food, but I used it for smoothies for myself as well. I loved making Elora food! And how great is it to know what exactly is going into your food. Now I will admit once she was old enough to start eating meat, I chose not to make that. Something about pureeing meat, just makes me sick. No thank you. But for all her fruits and veggies I would make a few batches, some for the fridge and some frozen to have for later. I super loved the freezer silicone pop out container! Perfect size and easy to get those frozen pieces out! These run about $60, and I purchased mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my 20% off coupon making my total $48! I got a lot of my baby food recipes from the Wholesome Baby Food website. Which is a great tool to use for making baby food, it has each food, when to introduce it, and different recipes for it. 

Baby Carrier

First off I have the Baby Bjorn. I used this a lot at the beginning, once Elora was big enough to fit in of course. I loved this because I could hold my sweet baby and do many things around the house, or even shopping or walking. Plus she did much better being held than in a stroller or car seat. You can buy these new for about $50-$70 and I always see them at second hand baby stores or boutiques for less!

The next one I chose to buy was the Boba Carrier. This one is a little more pricey at $125 new. I don't like spending that much money so I waited awhile, trying to find it at a second hand store or on sale. Unfortunately the nicer carriers like Boba and Ergo very rarely go on sale and I think people are quite fond of theirs because you also don't see them in second hand stores often. I ended up getting mine at non other than Bed, Bath, and Beyond and was able to use my BB&B coupon for 20% off, purchasing the carrier for $100! My coupon was one of those in store was, however they don't carry this item in store so I went in and ordered it at the store, able to use my coupon, and they were VERY helpful! I absolutely love this carrier! I love the support it gives me and my daughter, a lot more comfortable than the Bjorn and you can use it a lot longer as well. You can carrier a bigger child on your back! I chose the Boba over the Ergo for a few different reasons. The Ergo needs a infant insert that you purchase separately for $80 where the Boba just folds up to hold an infant. That was my main reason, but I do enjoy the clasp on the shoulder to hold a purse or bag which the Ergo does not have. I highly recommend this carrier, I still use it for walks or hikes and my daughter is 15 months old! Again, a little more expensive than the Bjorn but well worth it in the end!

Well those are my top items, at least those are the ones I could not forget about! If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

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